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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hi, I Didn't Run Away

I just went to Portland for a business trip.

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Be back soon.


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Bling Bling

I took the day off work today to get some new bling:

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That's right - your very own Ms. Concateknit is a 30-year old freak with braces.

No, it doesn't bother me much.

Not really.

Not really.

Luckily, braces don't effect my ability to knit:

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Yarn: Knit Picks Sock Garden (awesome yarn, btw)

This is my first sock knit on two circular needles, and I think I'd really love it if I wasn't using stupid Inox circs. Has anyone else had trouble with their Inox joins being really rough? I feel like I'm scratching the hell out of my yarn.

The solution? I stopped by the Snow Goose and bought myself two pair of US 3 Addi Turbo circs.

I think I deserved a little knit-therapy today.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I May Not Be Safe Here Much Longer

Not if Stitchy has anything to do with it.

Now, no matter what she says, you have to believe that I'm not nearly as insane as that photo of me would lead you to believe. Ahem - you believe me, right?

I was thinking today (no jokes now, you funny-pants) and I hope you don't think I do nothing but hoard yarn. I knit. I even finish things I knit. Evidence:

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One finished flower washcloth, thank you very much.

So, with Stitchy out there gunning for me (or pawing for me, as the case may be), what I want to know is this: If I have to make a quit getaway, can I hide out in your town?

Oh - Jay asked how I managed to finagle such cool gifts from Nancy. The answer? I honestly have no idea. Nancy just rules.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

What Would Ben Do?*

Or, Stuff You Learn Hanging Out With Crazy Ass Knitters.

Maryse said she didn't call us that, but she did.

After yesterday, I'd have to agree.

A bunch of us crazy ass knitters wandered a little north of Boston yesterday and found ourselves at Stitchy McYarnpants' house yesterday for food, fun, knitting, laughing, and one sweet yarn swap.

We all toodled down from Stitchy's gorgeous condo to her awesome rumpus room before Maryse arrived, but never fear - a note was left for Maryse that pretty accurately summed up, well, everything:

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Are you starting to get the picture?

We had a great yarn swap, which we did up Yankee Swap style, and no matter what Debbie might say (she hasn't said anything yet, but she will, she will), it was perfectly legit for me to take the yarn she had chosen, which just happened to be six skeins of Classic Elite's Inca Alpaca:

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Now, all the swap yarn was gorgeous, but when I felt this stuff I just wanted to roll around in it, so I decided that the gorgeous alpaca yarn had to come live at my house.

So there was about five hours of hilarity before the picture taking began, but when it began, we had pretty terrific subject matter. Namely - Wendy and her Tips For Meeting Bloggers.

Maryse brought the Sharpies, Wendy supplied her belly, blog-feeding ensued:

Melanoma Uberalis:
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Bag n' Trash:
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Um, me:
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Stitchy McYarnpants (Scary ghost style):
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And finally, the picture that made me fall down laughing:
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Good times, ladies. Good times. Thanks for your fabulous hostessing, Debbie - I hope we do it again soon.

*I don't know if you've had the good fortune to meet Benedetta, the author of Sgomitolando, but I finally had the pleasure of meeting her yesterday. More than once during the course of the afternoon, Ben came to the knitting rescue, and I thought I'd like it if we had colored plastic bracelets that said "WWBD?" because well, Ben's just rad.

Speaking of rad people, there's another supremely rad person that I need to thank. Nancy, author of Got Ewe in Stitches (you *do* read her blog, right? She's freaking hilarious, and cute as a button, to boot), sent me a really wonderful RAOK:

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I should tell you first of all that what isn't in the picture is the pen she sent me (from the college I graduated from - how cool!) and the 2nd Bordeaux that well, hardly made it all the way out of the box before I snarfed it up.

Nancy sent me a Peep pen, an "E" bookmark, a very funny notepad, two See's Bordeaux, a small lunchbox shaped tin filled with Atomic Fireballs, and a really lovely card.

Thanks, Nancy - you made my week.

Okay folks, have a terrific week, and happy knitting!

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