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Monday, February 07, 2005

National Kim Day

I know I've talked about my best friend Kim a lot since I've started this blog, and in the spirit of getting to make all the rules this month, I've decided that today is Kim's day.

Here's why (In no particular order):

1. Kim has the most beautiful curly hair ever. The kind that women pay hundreds of dollars to try and replicate artificially.

2. In addition to the hair, she's got beautiful big blue eyes and long eyelashes.

3. She was a dancer for many years, and one of my favorite pictures is of her wearing a ballet costume when she was in 8th grade.

4. Her first car was a yellow VW Beetle.

5. My cat Bubba recognized the sound of her engine pulling into our driveway and would always run up to greet her, and sometimes, if she wasn't fast enough, he'd jump into her car.

6. When we were in high school, if I was sick and needed to go to the doctor, she'd pick me up from my house, make sure I was wearing a sweater or coat, and drive me to my appointment. Of course, her car would be nice and warm when I got into it because she would worry about me catching a chill.

7. Kim's grandma made her a beautiful Columbia costume when we were in Rocky Horror Picture Show.

8. Kim knows pretty much every bad or stupid thing I've ever done, and she still loves me.

9. Kim knows the bad and stupid things that many people have done, and she still loves them, too.

10. Our senior year of high school, I lived down the street, around the corner, down the street, around the corner, down the street and on the corner from Kim.

11. The first gift I received from Tiffanys was a heart necklace that Kim gave to me for my 30th birthday.

12. Kim was the first person to ever send me flowers at work, and that was for my 29th birthday.

13. Kim is unfailingly honest.

14. Kim is a wonderful mom.

15. Kim has 3 beautiful children - One daughter and twin boys.

16. When Kim's daughter was just starting to talk, she had a way of saying "honey bee" that was so cute that sometimes Mike and I will look at each other, say "honey bee" and start laughing.

17. Kim's laugh is infectious.

18. When I was in a car accident and didn't feel I could call either of my parents to come and get me, I called Kim, and she drove 20 miles to get me in the middle of a terrible storm, and then drove 40 miles to drop off the boy I was dating, and then 20 miles back to drop me off at my house before she got to go back to bed. Oh, did I forget to mention that I called her at like midnight?

19. One morning, after Kim had spent the night at my house, she woke up with about 8 cats (my mom had lots of them at the time) on the bed around her, and she always tells people she felt like Cat Woman.

20. Kim likes chicken.

21. I spent New Year's Eve '99/'00 with Kim and her husband, and on January 1st, we went and saw "Galaxy Quest" together. Periodically, Kim asks me if I've ever seen "Galaxy Quest" and then professes having NO RECOLLECTION of seeing it with me.

22. Kim taught me how to use a potato peeler.

23. Kim also taught me that cabbage and lettuce are not the same thing.

24. Kim makes a mean crudite.

25. Without fail, Kim will pick out the one gift that you would choose for yourself.

26. I don't feel like anything is "really real" until I've had a chance to talk to Kim about it.

27. Kim sent me and Mike a tin full of homemade goodies at Christmas time, and we fought over every last one of them.

28. Kim has the best in-laws ever. I covet her mother-in-law. :)

29. Even though Kim drives a minivan, I still think she's cool.

30. Whenever I go to California, Kim makes sure to feed me Mexican food. Stat.

31. When Kim came to visit me and Mike in 2003, I told her to bring good walking shoes. She brought her version of good walking shoes, which resulted in her having wicked bad blisters on her feet. I kept asking if she was okay, and she would say "I'm fine. I just need to pick up some more band-aids."

32. Kim is a certified EMT.

33. Kim also went to beauty school.

34. Kim is a genuinely kind person. I think true kindness in people is rare.

35. Kim and I once went to Berkeley and got hair wraps. We also had our palms read.

36. At a cast party for Rocky Horror, Kim stopped everyone who walked by, saying "Did you know that Elisa is my best friend in the whole world?". She'd follow that up by telling them that she was exactly 7 months older than me.

37. When I think about my family, I automatically include Kim.

38. When my G'pa died, Kim drove about 6 hours round trip to spend a total of about 4 hours with me.

39. When I went back to school after dropping out, Kim told me that even if she had to drive to my house every day and drag me naked to school, I was going to graduate on time. She was the only person who believed I would graduate on time, and I did.

40. Kim and I used to skip class in college and play chess in the student union instead.

41. If I drove by Kim in our college parking lot and said "I forgot my parking pass and I don't have any change, so I can't park. Do you want to go to Taco Bell?" she'd just hop in the car and off we'd go. Rarely did we make it back for class.

42. When I worked at a shoe store, Kim would come and buy things from me to help make sure I met my sales quotas.

43. Every job that Kim had always seemed like a cool job to me. It didn't matter what it was, it was just that Kim was doing it.

44. Kim has asked me for something, anything, handknit for her birthday.

45. Kim has very good taste in music.

46. Kim is plotting against me with Mike to get rid of my "bad" movies. The fact that she doesn't love "Dude, Where's My Car?" is maybe one of the only bad things I can say about her.

47. She always knows just what to say.

48. She doesn't think so, but she is quite eloquent and well-spoken.

49. She and her husband own a beautiful house and some acreage in the mountains of California and it is one of the most peaceful places I've ever been.

50. She's the best friend anyone could ever have, and I'm just glad she's mine.

I'm sure there's someone in your life that you feel the same way about that I feel for Kim, so if you haven't talked to that person today, why not give them a call, or send them an email, and let them know that they deserve their own day, too.

Lauren - I promise I'll tell you what else was in the trunk. Tomorrow. ;)


  • At 7:59 AM, Blogger Amie said…

    I came over here to thank you for your comment on my blog and now I'm just sitting here crying because I've never had a friend like Kim, and didn't even really think friendships like that existed anymore... I had two that came close, but couldn't stand the test of time... I hope you know she's lucky to have you, too.

    Anyway, thanks so much for your comment... I don't feel very brave, and have spent much of the last 24 hours wondering if I was an idiot for not jumping at the job... so, thanks...

  • At 8:58 AM, Blogger um said…

    it's a rare thing to find a friend like kim, and it's a rare thing to find someone like you who appreciates that kind of friend. she sounds awesome - what a blessing to have a friend like that. few and far between . . . *sigh*

    i hope she reads your blog - it's more than touching.

    oh, btw, i'm going to drive a shoofly pie up to you in my big ass minivan :p (dh reminded me - the other present was to be a tin of pretzels. don't choke like dubya did :) )

  • At 9:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    We're all going to try to steal Kim from you now! ;)

  • At 10:02 AM, Blogger Colette said…

    Thank you - you reminded me how much I miss my best friend and that I need to talk to her.

  • At 10:21 AM, Blogger Bookish Wendy said…

    What a sweet homage! I bet you're a pretty great friend yourself.

  • At 10:31 AM, Blogger Lauren said…

    Very nice tribute to a wonderful friend... you reminded me that I need to call my best friend!

  • At 1:29 PM, Blogger emily said…

    Wow, I wish I knew Kim! She sounds like a wonderful friend for life.

  • At 1:52 PM, Blogger maryse said…

    you're both very lucky to have one another. i've had good friends over the years but nothing quite like what you have with kim.

  • At 4:04 PM, Blogger Kim said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 4:06 PM, Blogger Kim said…

    Thank you Elisa for saying all those lovely things about me. Your check is in the mail ;)

    Now some things about Elisa.
    1. Elisa is truly one of the most thoughful people I know.
    2. Elisa taught me what constitutes good literature.
    3. Elisa also taught me about the guilty pleasures of reading novels that don't require too much brain power.
    4. Elisa secretly likes chicken too.
    5. I admire Elisa for her courage to move across the country to where she knew no one and had no job. It didn't take her long to meet great friends, find a good job and start a new life for herself.
    6. Elisa talks in her sleep. No really, she has whole conversations.
    7. Once, while she was talking in her sleep, she asked someone why they took all the fun out of Play-Doh.
    8. I'm very proud of Elisa for the woman she has become. Elisa's parents weren't always, shall we say, parental. Elisa got to where she is today all on her own. She finished high school because she was determined to do it. She put herself through college without any help from her parents and she made a conscious choice not to follow the same path they did.
    9. Elisa is a MUCH better chess player than I.
    10. Elisa is funky. In a good way.
    11. Elisa is in the know about all things etiquette.
    12. Elisa will bash anything outright tacky. I enjoy taking part in this with her.
    13. Elisa taught me how to have fun and not take everything so seriously.
    14. All of my most favorite adventures have been with Elisa.
    15. When my mom passed away very suddenly last year, Elisa flew from Boston to California to be at the funeral.
    16. Elisa knows every bad or stupid thing I've ever done too, and she still loves me too.
    17. Elisa is the least judgemental person I know.
    18. During our senior year in high school when Elisa lived down the street, around the corner, down the street, around the corner, down the street, on the corner from me, she also lived about 30 yards from the school. Every morning she would call me and make me pick her up and DRIVE her that 30 yards to school. What I find the most amusing about this is now that she lives in the city, she thinks nothing of walking 30 BLOCKS.
    19. Elisa took me to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time during our junior year of high school.
    20. Elisa talked me into joining the Fremont,CA cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I as Columbia, she as Janet.
    21. Before joining T.R.H.P.S. with Elisa, I was painfully shy. That experience brought me out of my shell. I thank Elisa for that.
    22. Once, we drove all the way to Santa Cruz (about 45 minutes each way) to have coffee because this one coffee house was considered "cool".
    23. During our high school years, Elisa used to get pulled over A LOT. She used to talk her way out of tickets A LOT. One night, on the the way home from The Phoenix (a little funky coffee house/book store/sometimes music venue in downtown San Jose), I asked her how she always managed to talk her way out of those tickets. Not more than 30 seconds after she finished telling me, she got pulled over. And yes, she talked her way out of that ticket too.
    24. Elisa has a large assortment of gorgeous hand bags that I could never justify buying myself. If she lived close by, I'd make her lend them to me periodically.
    25. Elisa is my favorite person to share a nice bottle of wine with.
    26. Aside from making gorgeous hand knit items, Elisa also makes gorgeous hand beaded jewelry.
    27. Elisa and I fell in love with the same fabric pattern, then about a year later, it became really popular at Target. We like to think that we started the trend.
    28. I don't just think of Elisa as my best friend. I also think of her as my sister.
    29. One time (while in high school) we were at an under age dance club together and some guy asked her if she wanted to dance with him. She told him no, but then grabed me, pushed me towards him and said, "but she will". I got her back that night. Later, while trying to ditch these guys, we said we were going to the ladies room, but we left.
    30. Elisa is incredibly intelligent.
    31. Elisa is funny and witty.
    32. Elisa and I have all sorts of inside jokes. Happy Thought!
    33. Elisa used to write my papers for English in high school. In turn, I would do her math homework.
    34. Elisa is a talented poet.
    35. Elisa can sing.
    36. Elisa has a different hair color every time I see her.
    37. I envy Elisa's closets and drawers. She could start a business and I would be her first client.
    38. Elisa is a loyal friend.
    39. Elisa understands why I don't like strangers intruding on my personal space. She knows that sidewalks are like roads and you should stay on the right side.
    40. Elisa understands why I fight with my hair. Even though she likes my curls, she totally "gets" that it is easier to put curl in than it is to take it out.
    41. Elisa see's beauty in everyone. Even if it's not on the outside.
    42. Elisa likes understated elegance.
    43. Elisa collects antique tea cups.
    44. Elisa prefers coffee over tea.
    45. Elisa knows the best place in Boston to go for coffee. She took me there. I hope we can go back when I come to see her again.
    46. My daughter, Megan, calls her Auntie Elisa.
    47. When my boys, Evan & Orion are old enough, I know they will call her Auntie Elisa too.
    48. Elisa could probably tell you about a few other things I've done that I have little or no recollection of, but she would never rat on me ;)
    49. When we were 19 and I was sick with Mono, Elisa came to my house and hung out with me. We watched General Hospital and bawled our eyes out because the character, Dawn (Scott's wife), died on the show. Seriously, we blubbered like a couple of idiots.
    50. I am incredibly lucky to have Elisa in my life.

  • At 4:07 PM, Blogger Kim said…

    OK, I almost had a heart attack because I thought I lost that whole thing for good and was going to have to re-type it. Thank God for the back button on the browser!

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