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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

National Elisa Thinks Nothing Good Can Come From Bananas Day

Well, maybe banana bread, but that's a big maybe.

I have a friend who hates bananas as much as I do, but she eats them every day because they are "good for you". I saw Screw That.

If I happen to like something that is good for me, well, fine. If I happen to think that something tastes terrible, well, then I don't care if it is good for me or not, I'm not having it.

Maybe that's the best thing about being a grown up: not having to eat something just because it's good for me.

My dad's second wife had this whole "no thank you helping" thing that really made me crazy. No matter what she was serving, you had to eat at least a small helping of it or you wouldn't be excused from the table. I spent a few formative years eating at least one thing I didn't like that was supposedly good for me at each meal, and when I was finally old enough to make my own choices about what I would and wouldn't eat, I decided categorically that I would never eat a banana again. I can't stand the smell, I can't stand the taste, I can't stand the way that they get brown and mushy. I can't stand anything banana flavored, and if I get the banana flavored jelly bean, I'll spit it out and say (or squawk, more likely) Blech! Ack! Ick!

I'll throw down for the hot buttered popcorn flavored jelly bean, but the banana is all yours.

If you like bananas (and I'm sure you don't, especially as today is all about how Stupid and Bad bananas are), rest assured that I will never fight you for one. Yuck.


I spent a little time getting to know the outlet shops in North Conway and Tilton, NH this weekend, and this is a sampling of some of the items that followed me home:

That there haul includes a $4.00 skirt and a $10.00 pair of purple wool pants from The Gap. No shit.

And now I'm rockin' it Lolly style, because, well, who doesn't love Lolly Lauren?

Two little fabric flower pins that now live at my house.

But I've saved the best for last. We all know that I'm not terribly practical when it comes to choosing the right footwear for the right occasion.* Mike has been trying to get me to buy "practical" winter boots now for quite a while (read: since he's known me). I caved when I was at the outlets. I went for "practical". But I went practical in true Concateknit style:

Why yes, those are knee high plaid rain boots. And yes, I am wearing them with my sweat pants shoved into them. Is that my ceiling you see in the background? Well, duh. I mean, how would you take a picture of your new knee high plaid rain boots?

If you haven't heard the good news already, go here. Then come back. I'll wait.

Isn't that just the greatest news? I haven't known her for very long, but I can tell you that she's an absolute doll, and she deserves all the happiness that a long life filled with lots of love and joy can bring her. The wheels are in motion for The Plan.

I also wanted to take a minute to say thanks for the great comments you left about Kim Day. If you haven't checked out the comments for yesterday's post, you have a couple of minutes, and you're interested in learning a few little known facts about yours truly, well, Kim's here to help you out. I can attest to the truthfulness of all the anecdotes.

*Actually, you may not know this about me yet, but you will on Thursday.


  • At 10:04 PM, Blogger Lauren said…

    Rockin the Concateknit Style! Girl, those rain boots are the coolest thing I have seen today (ney, this MONTH!) I *heart* them, but not nearly as much as I *heart* you!!! and I am all about that pink cable sweater--HOT.

    Damn, those flower pins are so cool :) I have all of these scraps of fabric--I am gonna try making something like that...

    Guess what? I hate bananas too. :P

  • At 10:56 PM, Blogger melanie said…

    DUDE. Those are the greatest galoshes EVER.

    I'm going to go eat a banana just for you and your Rockin Galoshes.

  • At 12:09 AM, Blogger Nancy said…

    I just read the Kim post and comment. Awwww! You guys are too cute! Like Amie, I've never really had a close friend like that. I'm glad that you're able to appreciate each other as much as you do!!


  • At 12:10 AM, Blogger chickylizard said…

    Absolutely love the boots!!!

    I am right there with you I HATE anything at all to do with banana's. They are evil.


  • At 7:34 AM, Blogger maryse said…

    ahh elisa .... i can understand hating brussel sprouts ... or liver ... but bananas? bananas totally rock!

    as do your boots and of course the lovely pink/purple wardrobe you picked up for yourself. don't you just love when things are on double secret sale?

    all this banana talk has got me wishing i had a banana for breakfast....damn it.

  • At 8:44 AM, Blogger um said…

    i covet your rubbers :)

    do you remember when boots were called rubbers? what happened to that word, and how did it get associated with weiner covers?

    and speaking of bananas, come on, girl. first it's corn, now it's bananas. you got something against yellow food? what next, the lowly yellow squash? a wax bean? :p and have you never, not even once, been tempted by the lusciousness that is a chocolate-covered frozen banana? oh, dude.

    oh yeah, i have to comment on the dad's second wife thing, too. my dad's second wife was the SAME WAY. and they always gave you big big big helpings of really weird stuff, and you HAD to sit there and eat it ALL, or you faced a lecture (even at age 26) about how rude it is to not finish your meal at someone's house. reason #15903q5 why i don't go there anymore. :(

    love your outlet haul!

  • At 12:41 PM, Blogger Amie said…

    Can I tell you I really wanted my husband to buy me a pair of plaid boots the other day and he wouldn't????

    I had a dream about you last night, that involved me doing a tarot card reading for you that didn't make ANY sense at all, but I tried hard to make it seem like it did. And your hair was WAY long - like waist length. Odd.

    And I swear to you, for the past 15 years, "small children eating bananas" has been my #1 reason why I don't want kids.

  • At 5:22 PM, Blogger Suzanne said…

    Ok, so there is one good thing that comes from a banana.

    I swear.

    I'll wait while you steel your stomach.

    Ok. I hate shining my shoes. My leather shoes that I shouldn't own anyway. Guess what's more environmentally sound and just as good as shoe polish for leather shoes? Guess what makes them shine, au natural? Yep. Banana peels. Seriously. Toss the banana and use the peel to shine your shoes! (This only works on "shiny" leather, not suade or the fuzzy leather of Birkenstocks.) I do it to my Bjorn's every now and again.

  • At 11:30 AM, Blogger Jay said…

    Hi. I do hope you'll notice this comment over here. I can't leave a comment up top for some reason. Well, often I can't leave comments. It's just not "clickable". Anyway, the underwear post was hillarious. Well put. It's about time there was a crackdown (pun intended) on these things.

    p.s. Loving your "National...Day" titles!


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