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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

And You Shall Know Me By The Shape of My Red Plastic Tote

And you'll know my SP III Secret Pal, too, because she has one just like it.

So, my post office isn't in the best neighborhood, but I went there this morning, braved the police action at the McDonalds across the street from the PO, said a polite "thank you" to the marginally scary man who told me how nice I looked, and didn't punch the guy who made noises at me like I was some tasty meal, all in order to bring this wonderful package back to my cozy apartment:

And because my SP is nothing if not considerate, this little message was on the address slip:

One of the lovely notes inside the package said she had adopted the twin of the fabulous red tote she sent me, and said she hoped I'd agree that good things come to those who wait. I'll add good things come to those who brave certain Boston post offices, and agree with her entirely.

This photo was taken after I had taken the paper off of the box of Sees Candies. I have priorities, people.

My Secret Pal, who is the bestest Secret Pal, sent me a box of Sees Bordeaux (my absolute favorite), a bar of Scharffen Berger dark chocolate (oh lord, thank you for sending me this wonderful Secret Pal), and A LOT of Ghirardelli chocolate. Yum.

Of course, she also sent me some really wonderful yarn: a skein of Cascade 220, which is a beautiful purple, a skein of Berroco Quest, which is a terrific furry ribbon yarn in a deep green, and a skein of Gedifra Azzurro in a lovely medium blue. The Quest and the Azzurro will both make gorgeous scarves, and I can't wait to start playing with them. I'm hoping to start an Irish Hiking Scarf with the Cascade 220.

My Secret Pal also included an adorable birthday card, a tape measure, and an awesome purple bag which is perfect for the knitting notions I take with me whenever I've got a portable project (which is always).

As you can see, my newest WIP, a Booga Bag, has already jumped into the fabulous red tote. It is currently nestled in the bag, along with its sister skeins of Noro Kureyon, happily awaiting a trip out-of-doors. I'm definitely the coolest kid on the block with this bag. ;)

Secret Pal, thank you so much for your kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity. I'll brave any PO for you. :) Knowing that I was going to pick up my presents from you today gave me something wonderful to look forward to as I was getting a cavity filled this morning!

Thanks again, Secret Pal, you rock!


  • At 1:24 PM, Blogger Amie said…

    You do have a great SP! (and since I would never suggest that all that chocolate have ANYTHING to do with your cavity) I can see why that project jumped in - I would have had a hard time controlling myself too!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog... things are status quo...

  • At 4:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You're welcome! So Happy you got your package. I guess it was the right timing since everyone needs some chocolate and yarn after getting a cavity filled.
    I'm not sure if you're a yarn sniffer- but if you smell the yarn, it should smell like dark chocolate from being packaged with the chocolate ;) Hmm maybe I'll forgo storing lavender with my yarn and stick dark chocolate in sachets instead.
    Despite the crazy plastic bagging everything... (I have a thing for ziplock bags...) Somehow I was afraid the chocolate would melt and get on the yarn. There were dreamed up scenarios as the package crossed the state in a hot shipping truck, suntanned in a train's boxcar, or sat on the tarmac while it made a stopover in Arizona while a baggage loader took a water break. I guess that nutty packaging extended to sticking the packing peanuts in a bag because really, who needs a bunch of free floating peanuts littering their floor like giant dandruff bits?
    All this talk of chocolate has given me a hankering.
    -Secret Pal
    P.S. I went to the dentist's yesterday. What a coincidence! Verdict - floss more.

  • At 9:12 PM, Blogger Lauren said…

    Elisa, what wonderful SP gifts! I think I am in love with this red tote. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    You should join the Irish Hiking Scarf knit along. I am in it, even though I have not started the scarf yet. I will most likely start it this week or weekend.

    Have fun at the dentist's! *drill* :@ (that is an "open wide" mouth!)

  • At 10:25 AM, Blogger Knittens said…


    I am so excited... excited because you got a COOL chocolate fun filled tote for a belated bday present... excited because you went to Portsmouth (one of my FAVORITE places to visit when I lived in Boston) AND, excited because you went to The Friendly Toast - a place from which so many happy, joyous and fun memories are made! I am so so so so jealous, and hearing about all your New England Fall Time stories is calling me back north.

    I hope that you have a generally painLESS time at the dentist, you come home to your vibrant beautiful bag, and I will be making up plans in my head to meet in Portsmouth, eat yummy food and giggle in a yarn shop with you while our significant others are men in the music store.

  • At 4:41 PM, Blogger Jackie said…

    What a fantastic package - I mean, it's all great and fine to be looking forward to picking up a package at the post office, but it's even better when it's filled with surprises that turn out to be chocolate and yarn and other goodies.

    I didn't realize that you were my blog neighbor, as I'm still working out this whole blog thing, but it was a happy discovery. I'm going away next weekend to NH - maybe now I'll stop in Portsmouth along the way. Sounds like I've been missing out!


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