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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

My Fancy Afghan and the Not So Bad Sweater

Well, the afghan isn't really that fancy, but it is pretty neat. I'm further along that I thought I would be at this point, and the crazy idea I had that I could finish this afghan before September 18th (and my girlfriend's wedding) now seems like a not-so-crazy idea. Of course, you can imagine that I feel like I'm knitting up a big fluffy dog:

I also wanted to mention that I am no longer on bad terms with the cowl sweater. It seems that spending my time elsewhere has cowed the cowl sweater into behaving better. I present to you the first complete sleeve:

And the two sleeves, together, resting merrily on my quilt:

Interestingly enough, lowering the resolution of the photo quality seems to result in truer colors - you can actually tell that this is a RED sweater!

My Secret Pal asked me if I had a preference for chocolate - and just contemplating chocolate seriously was enough to get me thinking about a quick trip to the store...I would have to say that since I grew up in California, See's Candy is probably my favorite, but any chocolate, the darker the better, is just A-OK with me.

Lovely boyfriend and I had a great weekend. We had dinner with friends at their new house (beautiful) on Saturday and went to a cookout at lovely boyfriend's sister's house up in New Hampshire yesterday. I *might* have done a little shopping for my Secret Pal on Sunday, but maybe I didn't. Who knows. ;)

Terrific week to you all!


  • At 8:00 PM, Blogger Lauren said…

    Cowl sleeves look GREAT! I love that bell sleeve! Great work. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend, and I am so glad to hear it. Talk to you soon! :)

  • At 10:49 PM, Blogger Aggiea1 said…

    Hi Elisa!

    Funny, I was thinking of making an afghan too, very the color of your sweater!

    I'm all excited, I'm going up to Boston for Fri. and Sat. and I signed up for an intermediate knitting class at Windsor Button. I'm hoping they can help me with my cables. I'm dying to go and check out Circles too, but my payday is next weekend and I plan on going there when I can some serious stash replacement!

  • At 11:43 PM, Blogger Nancy said…

    If you ever need a See's fix, just let me know and I'll hook you up! :-)

  • At 11:53 PM, Blogger mayflwr said…

    i LOVE bell sleeves! i can't wait to see it done!

    The afghan looks sooooo soft!

  • At 7:32 AM, Blogger Knittens said…

    Cowl looks wonderful and afghan looks cuddley! I agree with May, the bell sleeves are great. I feel like I've been knitting it with you, I can't wait for the moment that you finish it and get to put it on!

    Your quilt is lovely, btw.


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