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Monday, August 23, 2004

WIP Pics

It was a good, busy day at work, but I am very glad to be home now and relaxing next to my lovely BF. Unfortunately, it's almost 9pm and he's still working, but I admire his dedication, and I am trying very hard not to distract him. :) Yay me.

I've sent a few things to the frog pond because I just wasn't happy with how they were turning out - a blanket for Critter Knitters seemed like it would too easily snag little kitty claws, and a face cloth I was making was going to end up ginormous (think enormous but bigger, yes?). So, I thought, "Boy, you really don't have a whole lot going on (please remember that this statement applies only to knitting - I'd like to think I have A LOT going on, otherwise -heh heh heh) right now, which means it would be a good time to take a few pictures". Anyway, out came the camera, out came the bag with the WIPs and y'know what? Four projects. Not too shabby for the girl without it going on.

This is the first sleeve of the cowl sweater. I'm plugging along at it, but I think I've slowed down on this WIP because I really am afraid of re-doing the neckline and having it still be upsetting:

This is my first dishcloth made out of a little peppermint colored cotton. I think it's kind of sweet (yes, I know that was bad):

This is an updated picture of the pinkerchief. I really do like it. I just don't remember if I'm supposed to M1 on this row, or just K across. Hmmm...

And last, but not least, I present the crazy afghan on my BRAND NEW, JUST ARRIVED IN THE MAIL, 20 mm Addi Turbos. I feel like I am knitting with, oh, I don't know, candlesticks? pogo sticks? Please envision me looking around my house, frowning, scratching my head, trying to find something else as big as my new addi turbos, or just look around your own house, and insert the appropriate awkward sized items here _______:

I spent some quality time blog-hopping yesterday, and I was really glad to find Brainy Lady and sob sister (you can see I've already linked to them - woot!) to name but two, and I was amazed, over and over again, at how creative so many people are.

Here's to you, and wishing you a wonderful week!


  • At 6:09 AM, Blogger Misa said…

    I really like the peppermint cotton... the colors look very striking.

  • At 10:02 AM, Blogger Knittens said…

    Hi Elisa :)
    I can totally relate on the Addis. I remember when I got mine, i was so clumsy, I was almost embarassed to knit even around my husband, even if he couldnt tell the difference between my bad knitting characteristics and the good ones! I really like the yarn you are using with your Turbos. Looks very cuddley!

    Keep up the good work, and the many WIPs!

  • At 12:57 PM, Blogger mayflwr said…

    mmmm what yummy yarn and projects! I love the cowl sweater...maybe I'll get around to knitting it sometime =) What yarn are you using? I think the book says to use lamb's pride...i LOVE lamb's pride, but i can't imagine it next to the skin...scratchy galore!

    i lovveee addi turbos! too bad they're so expensive! hehe, what clunkers those are though ;)

  • At 7:17 PM, Blogger wenders said…

    Thanks for the comment!
    And those are some giant addi's! I love reading KR blogs - you get insight into the person behind the post, which is great!

  • At 9:20 PM, Blogger Elisa said…

    You all rock! Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the comments.

    The Addis are really big, and really cool - when I went back to working on the cowl sweater (which is knit on size 11s, mind you) the smaller circulars seemed SO small!

    Mayflwr, I actually am using the Lambs Pride (um, and it's red, not pink!) - I've got a couple of wool/mohair sweaters that are okay as long as I wear a t-shirt underneath, so I hope the same is true for this one.

    Misa, I think the peppermint dishcloth will be a good thing to pull out for use at Christmas and/or Valentine's Day!

    Aviddiva, I enjoy the same thing about blogs - getting a sense of the person writing...

    Happy Knitting and Blog-hopping all!

  • At 5:12 PM, Blogger Lauren said…

    Beautiful knits! I love how much pink you use--I love pink! I also love Addi Turbos-I only have one set right now, but I will definitely get more. I Blogrolled you! :)


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