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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Taking Myself to School

Oh boy. I think my hair is now standing on end.

With the help of my lovely boyfriend (who had to take time away from playing Doom III - thanks) I've spent the morning futzing around with my template and adding a couple of cool things to my sidebar (see my mood and progress bars). I imagine for many people this is pretty simple, but I spent a number of years being a low-tech snob...and the thing is, I think I was really only doing it to be contrary - I LIKE technology. I LOVE my laptop, and what would I do without email??? So, I've given myself a smack on the forehead, and gotten over my big bad self. Of course, now I feel like the coolest kid on the block. Okay, the coolest kid on my couch. :)

My sweater is coming along swimmingly, and I really love the way that it is working up. I've just done the first set of decreases for the back and will be doing the increases and preparing for the armhole shaping soon (hee hee hee).

Okay, back to the knitting!


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